Friday, January 15, 2010

My story & where YOU come in

Hey, I'm Jake.

I'm 16 years old and I'll be moving to Honduras with my parents in February to live as missionaries. They have had a passion for mission work for a long time and done work in Argentina, Nigeria on two separate occasions and of course now we are in the process of moving to Honduras. We will be working with a missions organization that we have worked with on short term missions since 2004, where we have worked doing clothing and food giveaways, medical clinics, building houses, evangelizing, having Vacation Bible Schools for the kids, and visiting kids in hospitals and orphanages. We all three are very excited to be moving there! You can visit Torch Missions by visiting their website below.

Raising support has been a lot harder than we anticipated and we're going down with a lot less than we had planned. One price that we have found to be quite expensive if taking our dogs and cat (a condition I set when my parents first talked to me about moving there). What we thought would be $75-$100 each is actually $200 for our cat and $300 for each dog (we have two).

I know $800 is a whole lot of money but if you have pets, you know how hard it would be to live without them! I got Izzy when she was a couple months old and now she's 9. She has been my dog since I was 7. Sadie was originally my sister's dog but we adopted her because we kept her for a while and she and Izzy became great buddies and we love her too much to give her back (my sister can't keep her anyway). We have had her for five years (I think). Gabby, our cat, we got as a kitten the summer after we got Izzy. The three of them get a long great, are all awesome pets and I do not want to lose them or give them away!

Please help me bring them to Honduras with me by donating money either through my donate button or by sending cash or a check to our P.O. box at:

P.O. Box 2357
Yadkinville, NC 27055

You can make checks payable to my Dad, Lowell White and in the "for" space write, Pet Fund-Honduras

Thank you SOOO much for any help you can give!!


Here are my parents blogs about our mission work and Torch Missions website.

My Mom's blog

My Dad's website

Torch Missions

I will keep a close eye on the donations coming in and stop them as soon as I reach the needed amount. If any overlap happens and I get extra money I will donate the remaining to Independent Animal Rescue of Durham, NC.